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Solar Panels

German manufactured SunWare panels have a unique non-glass design that you can bend, walk on and glue directly to the deck.


Stella Systems is proud to be the exclusive Australian importer and distributor of SunWare Solar Panels. SunWare have been designing and manufacturing marine solar systems for more than 20 years. With their market leading knowledge and experience they offer a wide range of the highest quality crystalline panels with the best performance and efficiency. We don’t just sell the equipment; we also back it up with a complete installation, commissioning and maintenance service via our marine engineering division Stella Marine.

SunWare Solar modules TX-series

  • Textile framed
  • Simple to snap on
  • Easy in use and transport
  • No space for solar panels - that's a situation from the past! 

TX-modules charge your batteries, e.g. only one 100Wp module can run compressor refrigerator permanently in the season and you don`t have to screw or to glue the modules on deck. SunWare, a marine solar panel manufacturer for more than 25 years, has found a new place to put solar panels on board – the Bimini, Dodger, Sprayhood or other textile fabrics.

The modules, with low weight and high strength, are sewn in highly durable fabric  and can be simply folded to small dimensions for transport by car, airplane or stowed away. They are provided with standard Tenax fasteners. The soft textile edge of the modules fit snugly to the contours of your fabric. The attached bases are screwed into the textile fabric, then snap on the module – Done.

Modules are produced with crystalline high-performance solar cells. Each wing of a foldable  module works independently! When an element is shaded, the other wing(s) produce full power further on. The cable between the modules running along the joints, tensile and bending loads cannot even act on the cable.

Made in Germany,  up to 200Wp / 1-, 2-, and 4-leaf solar modules including accessories.  More information at


Marine Solar Panels

The marine SunWare panels are extremely flat, only 5mm thick and have no sharp corners or components. In addition to the use on sailing yachts and power boats, these panels are also ideal for caravans and motorhomes.

“Our marine panels are also used for space satellites because of our quality, UV resistance and equipment dependability”


SunWare Advantages

Designed to Overcome "Deck Mount" Heat Problems

In contrast to standard 36 cell panels the SunWare range has 40 cells. The additional 4 cells compensate for the voltage drop caused by the increasing cell temperature generated by trapped heat (common in deck-mounting applications) eliminating the need for leaving a gap under the panel and guarantee absolutely top performance in summer heat and hotter latitudes. These 4 additional cells also improve performance in overcast conditions.


Perfect for Curved Surfaces

SunWare panels can be bent up to 3% (30mm in 1 metre panel length) to adapt to the curvature of a deck. They can be attached via the built-in stainless steel eyelets or (unlike 36 cell panels) they may be glued over their entire surface without the need for rear ventilation spacers.


Attention to Detail for Reliability

Every single SunWare panel is fully tested before it leaves the factory! Edge-protection is built-in to prevent damage to the boat and to eliminate any sharp edges, which might cause problems for ropes, sails or crewmembers. SunWare panels are absolutely weatherproof. Panel backing and fixing eyelets are made from top grade, marine quality stainless steel. The cable outlet is fully "potted" and screwed to the module.


Walk-on strength

Tough, "TEFLON" coating means that the panels are non-slip and can be safely walked on even when drenched with salt water.


Doubled Banked Panels for Excellent "Shaded" Performance

SunWare panels solve the common problem of total power loss caused (to some other brands) by shadows falling on the panel. Cells in this SunWare range are constructed with two sections each containing a separate and "independently wired" array. Therefore if part of the panel is shaded by, for example, the mast, the other area continues to function fully. For example, the panel (SW35/1 SRM2) will still supply over 20 watts of power compared with a conventional panel which would drop to around 7 watts output under similar circumstances.


Quality Components

SunWare support plate is made out of seawater resistant stainless steel to stop rust and oxidization. They don’t expand like aluminium plate and are cased in a very resistive foil.

Special cable, the mantle is made out of Polyurethane, which is resistant against heat, frost and UV radiation.



Solar Panels 12V

12V crystalline solar panels can be installed on deck without rear ventilation, using either screws or adhesive. Includes drill holes.

Wp Dimensions Kg Cells Code
12 249x467x5mm 1.2 40 SW-3061
18 249x642x5mm 1.7 40 SW-3062
24 459x467x5mm 2.3 40 SW-3063
36 459x638x5mm 3.1 40 SW-3064
48 499x838x5mm 4.5 40 SW-3065
70 891x638x5mm 6.1 40 SW-3066



Compact Panels

Compact Panels: to save space, the cable output is positioned in place of a solar cell. Without drill holes, installed with either adhesive or side/mid clips.

Wp Dimensions Kg Cells Code
48 780x460x5mm 4.0 39 SW-5065
69 600x890x5mm 5.4 39 SW-5066





Solar Panels 24V

24V solar panels with 80 high-efficiency solar cells, can be installed using either screws or adhesive. Includes drill holes.

Wp Dimensions Kg Cells Code
48 838x499x5mm 4.4 80 SW-3265
69 638x891x5mm 6.1 80 SW-3266




Regulators & Displays

Sturdy design and high quality materials, programmable, charge protection, for 1 and 2 battery systems.

  • Big terminal sections, up to max 16mm²
  • Terminal grafts with aluminium, no loss by rust and oxidation
  • Screws of stainless steel (premium steel)
  • High efficient circuit
  • Lower consumption
  • More display functions ( eg. max nominal value of the panels)


Regulators FOX-220, FOX-320 and remote display FOX-MD1

The FOX-220 and FOX-320 are programmable charge regulators, expandable at any time with the remote display FOX-MD1. In addition to the over-and deep discharge protection of the FOX-220, the FOX-320 can also charge 2 separate battery systems. With the remote display FOX-MD1 various parameters can be programmed, eg. Charge ratio.



Regulators FOX-100 … FOX-350/E


All regulators of this series are designed for 16A solar current (260Wp/12V, 520Wp/24V). The FOX-100, FOX-150 is a reverse-and overcharge protection with LED or LCD display. The FOX-220 and FOX-250 additionally have integrated as deep discharge protection for up to 12A. The FOX-300, FOX-350 can also charge 2 separate battery systems.


Digital Displays FOX-D1, FOX-D1/E

The FOX-D1 is a universal digital display indicator that monitors battery voltage and charge/discharge current (without regulator function). Pushing the button switches between current and voltage.


Power Description Kg Battery Code
12mA 126x107x21.5mm 0.44 1 FOX-220
12mA 126x107x21.5mm 0.44 2 FOX-320
3mA 157x65.4x41mm 0.15   FOX-MD1
10mA 153x56x115mm 0.49 1 FOX-150
10mA 153x56x115mm 0.49 1 FOX-250
10mA 153x56x115mm 0.49 2 FOX-350
1.8mA 100x56x44mm 0.12   FOX-D1
1.8mA 115x78x35mm 0.12   FOX-D1/E


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