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Aqua-Air Manufacturing is the Premier builder of Marine Air Conditioning systems for yachts

Whether you own a 30’ cruiser or a 400’ megayacht we have a system for you!

Stella Systems is proud to be the exclusive Australian importer and distributor of the complete range of quality Aqua-Air products. Whether it is a replacement part or a complete system for a refit or new build project, we can help with product specification and shipping. We don’t just sell the equipment; we also back it up with a complete installation, commissioning and maintenance service via our marine engineering division Stella Marine.


Self Contained Units (30-50' boats)

Self Contained Units are typically the best choice for smaller boats up to 50ft due to the lower cost of the units and installation. All major components are mounted on a single chassis, which is installed in the living area, usually under a bunk or settee, or in a locker.

As the technology leader and the oldest name in the marine air conditioning industry, we have accepted the challenge of creating a new design that is not only smaller than the units previously available, but more importantly, more efficient than anything in it’s class. It’s called mini-kool and it’s built by the company whose name is synonymous with high quality and durability…Aqua-Air!


Aqua-Air Advantages

  • Compact, low profile units are the smallest available. SSIG-05 is the “Worlds Smallest”.
  • Designed and engineered for maximum       efficiency with open mounted condenser.
  • Quiet, high efficiency rotary (on 5K-16K), and scroll compressors (on 24K).
  • Aqua-Air TSV Sapphire digital microprocessor control and mechanical control versions available.
  • Rugged yet lightweight design.
  • High and Low pressure switches for protection of valuable equipment are standard on all units and interface with TSV digital controls.
  • High capacity motorised impeller blowers provide excellent air flow with quiet operation.
  • Blowers are fully insulated and rotatable for variability in installation and ducting.
  • Corrosion resistant, galvanised and coated condensate pan has multiple drain locations.
  • Simple plug in of control panels on factory installed connector cables.
  • Double vibration isolation on all models.
  • All models utilize the environmentally friendly R-407C refrigerant.
  • 90-10 cupronickel condensers are corrosion resistant for low maintenance and long life.
  • 1 year limited warranty on the system.

The mini-kool SSIG-05 is the “Worlds Smallest” full featured marine air conditioning unit. It includes all of the features of the mini-kool line such as reverse cycle and electronic control and operates at only 3.5 amps. At less than 1 cubic foot in overall volume, it requires 32% less installation space than its nearest competitor. This design features a compact and very quiet blower with selectable vertical or horizontal outlet. Controls plug in to the factory installed leads. Complete installation kits are available.

TSV Series Digital Thermostat

Included with all SSIG Units

The mini-kool unit is commonly used in new installations however it is very well suited to the replacement or retrofitting of an older, less efficient or obsolete unit, or as an upgrade. This self contained unit is a refrigerant to air heat exchanger that has all the major components mounted on the one chassis. It is installed in the area of the boat that is to be heated or cooled.

Basic refrigeration theory dictates that opposite heat exchanges occurring in close proximity have a cancelling effect, which translates to efficiency loss. True to this principle, the mini-kool achieves maximum efficiency through the application of a correctly sized seawater condenser located in the proper orientation to the unit’s evaporative coil. By choosing mini-kool, you know you’re getting the highest efficiency available.



Grukke & Duct Kits
Grille & Duct Kits



*S = TSV Digital Control (SSIG)                     *M = Mechanical Control (SMIG)

Add ‘C’ to the end of the model number for 208-230/1/60, ‘CK’ for 200-220/1/50

Standard units are 115V, 50/60Hz and 230V, 50/60Hz, and operate at rated capacities at 60Hz. Standard unit capacity is reduced by 17% when operated at 50Hz. For full capacity units at 50Hz, order ‘CK’ models.

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Direct Expansion Split Systems (40-75' yachts)

Split systems are found on boats up to 24 meters (80’), limited only by the number of condensing units that will fit and by the 15 meter (50’) maximum length of copper tubing between the condensing unit and air handler. They have the condensing unit and air handler installed in different locations.



  • The condensing unit is mounted in the engine room or other mechanical space
  • The air handler (also called the evaporator) is installed in the living area. Two air handlers can connect to one condensing unit
  • Less space needed in the living area for the air handlers
  • Quieter because the compressor is in the engine room
  • A wide selection of air handler types are available

Aqua-Air Direct Expansion Split Systems equipment includes:

  • Fan coils from 4000 to 36000 BTU
  • Condensing units from 5000 to 48000 BTU
  • Digital thermostats
  • Seawater pumps
  • Pump relays
Brisbane: (07) 3890 5680
Gold Coast: (07) 5549 0556


Chillwater Systems (60-400' motoryachts)

Chilled water systems are ideal for boats over 24 meters (80 ‘). Chillwater systems consist of the chiller, located in the engine room, that cools (or heats) fresh water, then pumps it through an insulated piping loop to air handlers located in the living spaces, where the air is cooled (or heated).



  • No limitation on the number of air handlers in a system, or on the distance from the chiller to the air handlers
  • Flexible load management
  • Often a reduced peak electrical load

Aqua-Air Chillwater equipment includes:

  • Fan coils from 5000 to 36000 BTU
  • Alpha Series compact chillers from 2 to 15 tons
  • Alpha Rack Series chillers from8 to 75 tons
  • Chiller unit controls and variable frequency drives
  • Omega Series chiller units from 20-300 tons
  • FlexAir megayacht air handlers
  • Control panels
  • Digital thermostats
  • Chillwater and seawater pumps
  • Pump and heater relays
  • Chillwater accessories
Brisbane: (07) 3890 5680
Gold Coast: (07) 5549 0556

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