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Bow & Stern Thrusters

General Information about the Bow and Stern Thrusters we sell

A boat thruster, whether that be bow, stern or both, is the most effective manoeuvring aid you can buy for your vessel.

We understand exactly why you’re here right now - because moving at slow speeds in tight spaces is difficult!

But it doesn’t have to be.

Installing a tunnel bow thruster or an external stern thruster will ease the headache that is usually mooring, entering and leaving the quay or marina box, or of course berthing.

We consider boat thrusters an essential component to be installed on the vessel, it’s why we supply such a wide selection! We understand that these small additional components can make the world of difference, so we want to help you find the right one. To do this, we have chosen to supply the best possible manufacturers for all available power drive options for boat thrusters on the market right now.

Electric Powered Boat Thrusters

DC Driven

Craftsman Marine manufacture some of the best DC powered bow and stern thrusters for boats. They are known to blend cutting edge design with precision engineering to offer a range of complete bow and stern thruster kits from 35-170kgf. They have a particular focus on supplying marine thrusters for pleasure craft and light commercial vessels. These DC powered bow and stern thrusters are best suited for vessels 20-70 ft.

AC Driven

CMC Marine has pioneered the development of AC-driven systems for the yachting industry, and their AC-driven thrusters are another exceptional development. CMC marine bow and stern thrusters are the answer for anyone wanting all the advantages of an electric thruster, coupled with the certainty of high thrust/power ratio, delivered as the most compact component.

AC powered bow and stern thrusters, perfect for yachts of all sizes wanting AC driven thrusters.


ABT TRAC are the leading manufacturers of full system hydraulic services for marine vessels. The ABT part of that union stands for ‘American Bow Thruster’, and as the namesake suggests, they are leaders in bow thruster manufacturing. If you have been looking for the world’s best hydraulic bow and stern thrusters, then look no further. ABT TRAC systems are installed on more of the world’s most prestigious yacht brands than any other! All thrusters are available in AC versions on request.

Quick Information About Bow and/Stern Thruster Installation

All of the thrusters we provide here at Stella are tunnel thrusters. This means that bow thruster installation requires a hole to be cut out of the hull, a tunnel to be fitted, and the propeller to be dropped down, fitting nicely into the tunnel.

Stern thrusters require an external tunnel to be fitted on the aft on the vessel, below water line, with the component being fitted more horizontally.

Our Marine Engineering department Stella Marine - who operate out of The Boat Works Boatyard on the Gold Coast - are able to assist with the install and/or service of any thrusters for any vessel. With nearly 2 decades of experience installing, fitting and repairing thrusters, we are sure your vessel will be in the right hands.

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