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Good. Better. Aquamot Trend.

The new Trend models are motors with cutting-edge technology. The new Trend models are comparable with petrol engines starting from 3.5hp up to 11hp, but they are cleaner, quieter and more efficient. Furthermore this product line is available in different styles.

The outboard motors are suitable for small dinghies up to boats with 4 tons. The flange motors or fixed pod motors are applicable for small sailing boats at calm and maneuvering inside the marinas. Moreover the Trend line is characterized by the following features:


These motors are real powerhorses with thrust value at the highest level. And success is no accident. Hitherto producer of electric motors only considers the propeller itself. But the streaming line at the housing is also as important as the upstream flow to the pro- peller. The values can be only achieved with consequent and meticulous improvements of the whole stream at motor and propeller. In addition to calculating with state-of-art viscous computational models our engineers made a lot of test in our in-house streaming canal to achieve the max. thrust. Therefore all Trend models has the best thrust in the market in our understanding. See it for yourself…


And it works and works and works… This phrase characterized Aquamot motors in the past. And it stays that way. All motors are ma- nufactured of a high-strength, very light and seawater-resistant aluminum which is also used in aircraft constructions. All motors don´t have any electronic inside the motor housing because electric components often create errors underwater. And the Trend outboard motors also have another highlight: the new-developed suspension trips automatically when touching on the ground and therefore it prevents a worse damage at the motor. So everything is done that products of Aquamot will stay the sustainable, most robust electric motors in future.


Electric motors are quieter than combustion engines. That´s clear. But Aquamot motors are quieter than other electric motors for boats. It is often used small, alienated motor with high rpm and a gearbox. The result: an annoying and high-frequent whirr with losses up to 30% and an additional wearing part in the motor system. Aquamot have also decided to choose a direct drive without a gearbox, the result: The Trend line is almost soundless, more efficient and has one wearing part lesser. A superior perfection –it is an Aquamot for sure.


Everybody knows that electric motors have a better efficiency than combustion engines, but also electric motors distinguish themsel- ves. As written above gearboxes often waste valuable power. Aquamot only use direct drives for their motors. Furthermore Aquamot use the latest three-phase technology for the motors. Parameters like air-gap, rotor design, laminations can be optimized through exact and modern calculations perfectly for the application of an electric motor for a boat. This was coupled with the hydrodynamic proces- ses outside of the motors. Therefore all Aquamot motors have more thrust and are more efficient than all other electric boat motors.


The list of all features of the new Aquamot Trend is really long: high—efficient and brushless motor technology, streaming-optimized and robust aluminum housings, perfected propeller designs, unrivaled smooth operation, sophisticated suspension system for the electric outboard motors, stepless control forward and backward, integrated display, biggest integrated Li-Ion battery in serial delivery, etc.. Every extra makes electric boating much more interesting – and this is what we want.


Tough. Noiseless. Optimized. Aquamot Professional

For commercial applications and heavy-duty operating conditions


Usually housings of electric motors for boats are made from a less sturdy plastic or are simple welded constructions which aren´t often seawater resistant. All housings of the Aquamot Professional line are casted with a permanent seawater resistant aluminum and are coated with 6-layer additionally. Furthermore an extra anode protects the motor against corrosion. All other components of the motor (suspension, etc.) are also manufactured from the same material. The propeller shaft is designed with a solid stainless-steel material and also the propeller is made from brazen. All other components (lever, controller, etc.) are produced from a high-strength and very light aluminum which is also used in the aircraft industry. All of this is the result that Aquamot Professional motors are one of the most stable and durable motors in market.


Only AC asynchronous motors (=brushless motors) are used at the Aquamot Professional Line. Conventionally a lot of unnecessary electronics as sensors, PCB board inside the motor housing, etc. is needed for the operation. It is well known that water and electronic components don´t operate together in a harmony and therefore this can often lead to troubles. All Aquamot motors are designed without any electronics components inside the motor housing. This looks simpler but is much more difficult and complex. This system has been well used in industry and commercial shipping for several years.


For reaching an acceptable rpm for an electric boat motor it is often used a gearbox. The losses of these gearboxes reach up to 30% and are very loud. Aquamot only use direct drives with a low rpm for a superior smooth operation.


Customary underwater drives are often simple plastic or welded constructions which are not flow-optimized. The result is a high re- sistance, a bad steering characteristic of the motor if the propeller is not rotating and a bad upstream flow to the propeller. All these things are considered during the development of Aquamot motors through an exact computation of the streaming. This computation has been also used at the commercial shipping for several years.


Controllers and electronic components (contactors, fuses, etc.) are often mounted thoughtlessly at a metal board and don´t afford any protection against spray water or wet fender. Aquamot controllers are integrated in compact and high-quality aluminum housing with Plug & Play connections. Furthermore additional master switches are not necessary due to the intelligent circuit. Therefore the Aquamot controllers provide the max. safety and ensure an easy installation.


Conventionally it is used monochrome displays for electric motors for boats in sport and leisure boating industry or very expensive color screens. Aquamot is the first producer of electric motors for boats who offers a full-color on-board computer. All important information (battery and motor status, etc.) will be displayed. Some adjustments can be changed through an intelligent BUS system.


Aquamot propulsion system has several safety functions. Mechanical protections like a predetermined breaking point at the fin and electronic protections like over- and under-voltage for avoiding a deep-discharge of the batteries, overcurrent, etc. are standards at Aquamot Professional line.

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