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Bow & Stern Thruster

 PB Matilda - The Vessel

  • Side-wheel paddleboat – 3m diameter paddles, not independent
  • Double-ended, flat bottom, hard chine, 3mm thick steel hull
  • Hull: 13m waterline x 3m wide x ca. 380mm draft
  • Perkins diesel A4.107 driving Massey Ferguson gearbox & differential with chain to paddles

The stern-thruster

  • Craftsman Marine Thruster9512 & panel ALFA10B
  • Thrust: 95kgf
  • Power of motor: 6.5kW
  • Main fuse: 500A
  • Tunnel: 1m long x 185mm diameter
  • Bottom of tunnel 60mm above bottom of hull & top of tunnel ca. 140mm below water line
  • Battery: 12V lead acid, N200, 1300 CCAs, charged through 240V battery charger
  • Panel toggle switch: 1 second delay, port ↔ starboard, set for manual on/off
  • Motor automatically switches off when motor temperature is too high

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Stella Watermaker

Stella Watermaker

Another outstanding installation that we thought we would share.

One of our strengths is in the flexibility of installation and this installation shows that there are few vessels that a Stella Watermaker cant be installed into.

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Stella Watermaker in use on a remote island in the North of Australia

We often don’t see the final installation of our product buy our owner of this unit well use to having no water at certain times of the year is over the moon and wanted to share some happy snaps.

This is our standard 240lt per hour unit the new owners say “We are achieving 240 L an hour as you stated and Steve the owner of the island is amazed with the simplicity and lack of electronic devices that fail in the humid conditions of the North..” 

Serial # 1192 – another happy customer :)

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