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Stella marine announces new era in Aussie made hydraulic systems

With the ambition of taking Australian-made ingenuity to the world, Stella Marine has purchased the IP and patents on the Fleet-Hydrol range of hydraulic swim platform supports and will begin manufacturing them from their headquarters at The Boat Works, Coomera.  

Stella Marine will manufacture the stainless-steel arms and hydraulic mechanisms for swim platforms in vessels from 25 to 150ft.

“The Fleet-Hydrol mechanism uses a patented hydraulic system in which both sides move in perfect unison. It also incorporates a positive lock in mechanism that holds it firm in all positions, from low to high and spreads the load better than any other system.” 

Included in the Fleet-Hydrol range are tender chock sliding systems and single person lift, which Stella Marine will add to their expanding range of high-quality products. 

Press Release

The Rutland 1200 Winde Generator

NEW Marine Wind Turbine A new design of wind turbine incorporating a unique blade profile that runs very quietly, but swiftly, has been launched by world leading micro wind turbine manufacturer Marlec.

The highlight of the Rutland 1200 Windcharger’s elegant design is the highly efficient but quiet running aerofoil blades which the company term Tri-namic Profile.  The purpose designed profile brings together features that ensure very low aerodynamic noise, high power performance and low wind speed start up.

Press Release  6.2017

Stella Watermakers - Constellation 60 60 Litres Per Hour 12 VDC 19 AMPs

Stella Watermakers are proud to introduce the Constellation 60 series, 12VDC watermaker. This revolution in watermaker technology is capable to producing a huge 60 litres per hour for only 19amps @ 12VDC.

Press Release  2017

Smart Gyro SG40

The Smartgyro SG40 gyroscope was conceived to ensure an effective reduction of uncomfortable boat roll in vessels up to 40 tons, with very simple installation and management.  With the new mechanical dynamic braking system of the precession axis, Smartgyro can instantaneously adjust the generated anti-roll torque, providing the maximum stabilization capacity.  


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