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A quicKutter is the most effective and economical way to eliminate rope and line problems on both power and sailing vessels


“Simply The Best Rope Cutter”

Stella Systems is proud to be the exclusive Queensland distributor of quicKutter Rope Cutters, designed and manufactured in Australia by Quickwater Marine. Originally designed for the commercial crayfishing industry, the unique shaver design quicKutter eliminates rope and line problems. The system has no moving parts to wear out and is easy to install. We don’t just sell the equipment; we also back it up with a complete installation, commissioning and maintenance service via our marine engineering division Stella Marine.


quicKutter Advantages

Avoid Entanglement and Bearing Failure

Rope and line entanglement can cause bearings to overheat or damage to seals.


Improve Crew Safety

Avoid possible structural damage and loss of propulsion, reduce the need to dive overboard to untangle.


Reduced Maintenance Costs

Through increased bearing and shaft life, reduced downtime and avoiding potential loss of income.


Boat Speed and Performance

Streamlined design creates less turbulence, vibration and drag than other cutter designs.


Cuts Rope, Line, weed, Stainless Steel Wire

quicKutter cuts rope and line up to 1” (25mm) and 3/16” (4.75mm) SS cable *with optional hardened blades.


Australian Designed and Manufactured

Patented shaver cutter design, buy Australian and support your local industry.



QuicKutter (complete kit – without spool material)

Kit includes stainless steel holder, assembly, cutter blade and screws for mounting. There are two sizes available: S16 to suit 1-2” diameter shafts and S25 to suit 2-4” diameter shafts. The cutter holder is mounted on the bearing carrier (parallel to the propeller shaft) with supplied screws or welded. The cutter blade overlaps and seats on top of the spool material.

Product Description Code
S16 quicKutter suit 1-2" shaft diameter QMS16
S25 quicKutter suit 2-4" shaft diameter QMS25
S16 quicKutter (hard) suit 1-2" shaft diameter QMSH16
S25 quicKutter (hard) suit 2-4" shaft diameter QMSH25


Spool Material

The spool material is a patented composite material (toughRtex) designed for use with the QuicKutter. It comes in log form (including screws) and is screwed and glued to the back of the propeller hub to fill the gap between the propeller hub and the bearing carrier. It provides a seat for the cutter blade, preventing any rope or wire from moving under the blade.

Product Description Code
toughRtex spool 25mm ID x 90mm OD QMTL25X90
toughRtex spool 48mm ID x 123mm OD QMTL48X123
toughRtex spool 74mm ID x 180mm OD QMTL74X180




Detailed installation instructions are supplied with each quicKutter for the DIY boat owner, boat builder or contracted installer. With accurate dimensions, spool material can be ordered pre-machined ready for fitting. We also offer a complete installation service via our marine engineering division Stella Marine if required.On inspection (or accurate dimensions) Stella Marine can provide a complete quote for installation which includes: quicKutter kit, spool material and machining, fitting to vessel.

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