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Shaft & Rudder Bearings


Shaft and Rudder Bearings

Composite Bearing & Bushing Material Designed and Manufactured in Australia


Stella Systems is proud to be the exclusive Queensland distributor of Maritex composite shaft and rudder bearings. Designed and manufactured in Australia, Maritex Bearing Company specialises in the production of custom bearing and bushing material for the marine industry. Maritex marine bearings are Lloyd’s Register Type Approved. We don’t just sell the equipment; we also back it up with a complete installation, commissioning and maintenance service via our marine engineering division Stella Marine.


Maritex Composite Bearings

Both OEM and aftermarket equipment can benefit from the use of Maritex lightweight advanced composites. Significant advantages for some applications can be realised well beyond the cost of the actual bearings; including improved strength, durability and dimensional stability. Maritex is committed to continuous product improvement and has invested more than 12 years developing a specialised range of composite bearing and associated wear resistant materials.

Maritex Advantages


Excellent Wear Characteristics

Unique reinforced Novalac resin composite provides outstanding strength and durability.


Superior Dimensional Stability

Non-melting, outstanding creep resistance and higher operating temperature together with natural lubricity permits unrivalled dry running capability.


Low and High Speed Applications

Easily handles dry or wet operation at low speed e.g. hinge type rudder bearings as well as high speed continuous water lubricated propeller shaft bearings.


Easy to Machine

Virtually zero dust and smell, no tip wear and no annoying ribboning swarf.


Antifouling Properties

Mechanical: unique synthetic fibres resist and scrub out potentially harmful abrasives.

Chemical: material contains chemicals to reduce marine growth.


Australian Designed and Manufactured

Buy Australian and support your local industry.


Lloyds Approval

Maritex Grade 1810 is Lloyd’s Register Type Approved and Maritex AQUARIUS is in the process of gaining type approval.


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