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Electric Stabilization for Boats


Cruising will never be the same once you discover CMC Marines wide range of products for yacht stabilization and control.


STAB Stabilizer Trim Steering
CMC Marine STAB25,30,40,50 team CMC Marine electric Trim CMC Marine electric steering

Waveless STAB is the new generation of electric fin stabilizers from CMC Marine.

So quiet you’ll forget about it. Even at Zero Speed.

Fast. Ultra-compact. Easy to use and install. Low noise. Low power absorption. Top Quality.

  • For Yachts starting from 12m (40 ft) LOA up to 40m (130 ft).
  • Fully electric.
  • Immediate start and stop.
  • Minimal Space is needed. Easy installation on new builds and refits.
  • Minimal power required.
  • CMC Marine quality.

The technology onboard superyachts, and the experience and quality from CMC Marine, now readily available for your yacht.

CMC Marine Electric Stabilization STAB 25 CMC Marine Electric Stabilization STAB 30 CMC Marine Electric Stabilization STAB 40 CMC Marine Electric Stabilization STAB 50

Choose to get the most out of the CMC Waveless Stabilization system on your vessel with the addition of electric trim and steering.


CMC Marine electric Trim

Waveless Trim is a modular trim control system.

Light, fast and robust. Trim can be integrated with Waveless STAB for perfect yacht control.

  • Full electric, superfast.
  • Just 0.15 Kw. required.
  • Light and robust (Trim300 weight 8 kg. (18 lbs.), stainless steel structure.
  • From 30 up to 60 cm wide.


CMC Marine electric steering

Electric rudder control system, that, when integrated with other Waveless products like STAB and Trim, can provide excellent course keeping and smooth changes of direction.

Cruising will never be the same.

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CMC High Speed fin stabilizers CMC Long range fin stabilizers


The HS System is optimised for planing boats that can reach over 24 knots. Some benefits of the system:

  • Optimized fin profile, guaranteeing better performance and reduced resistance.
  • Use of new electronics for higher performance, allowing control over different systems (Steering or trim) together with the stabilizing fins.
  • Motion detectors and software that analyses’ roll, pitch and yaw.


The LR System has been optimised for displacement or semi-displacement yachts. The LR system uses a highly accurate motion detector that analyses the Roll, Pitch and Yaw of the yacht. This information is processed in the system which results in a very high level of stability.

This product has several notable benefits, such as:

  • Powerful and compact actuators.
  • Fin geometry specifically designed for displacement yachts.
  • The possibility to install fins of up to 5 square meters.
  • New electronics with the ability to integrate the controls for up to 8 different systems.
  • Possibility of installing larger fins (increase of cup/power ratio) OR possibility to reduce the sizes installed onboard for a lower price.
  • Excellent performance.
CMC Dia-Log software

CMC Dia-Log software

DIA-LOG Software

Easy and Intuitive to use.

Enjoy the technology and features of a superyacht, thanks to the advanced Dia-log software

All CMC Marine products use the same technology. Experience quality and reliability. Dia-log System Control Features include:


FLIP mode allows the controller to rotate STAB fins by 180° while at anchor. Reduces “anchor walk” and keeps the anchor chain tight and the bow in the wind in any weather condition.

Actual flip angle can be adjusted at commissioning time to account for hull shape and prevent interference with chine.

Available when operating in At-Anchor mode only.


Reduce STAB power absorption to approximately 60% by limiting the system responsiveness.

ECO is useful to limit power demand on generators. Available when operating in At-Anchor mode only, will cause a slight decrease of roll-reduction performance.


Limits the maximum fin rotation angle to operate your STAB when moored alongside dock or next to another yacht and use the shore power instead of generators. Available when operating in At-Anchor mode only and will cause a slight decrease of roll-reduction performance.


Operate STAB in At-Anchor mode while throttle is engaged at low speed (not setting the fin at centre like in normal operation).

MSS can be useful to maintain stabilization active when trawling at low speed or approaching your berth in a swell.

MSS is necessary for yachts equipped with Dynamic Positioning (DP) systems.


In adaptive mode, your STAB system is controlled according to the sea conditions, wave frequency and heading, setting automatically to provide the best stabilization for every condition.

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