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Craftsman Marine manufacture a range of high quality  precision engineered thrusters to suit boats from 20’ to 70’

Stella Systems is proud to be the exclusive Australian importer and distributor of Craftsman Marine Thrusters. Designed and manufactured by Craftsman Automation our Bow and Stern thruster product is second to none in quality and performance.  Craftsman Marine blends cutting edge design and precision engineering to offer a range of complete bow and stern thruster kits from 35-170kgf. We don’t just sell the equipment; we also back it up. Supporting our product is David Tanner who few would argue is perhaps the most experienced marine professional in the field. You can have confidence that with his vast years of experience that your installation will be the right one for your vessel.

Service and spare parts back-up is second to none and in combination with the 2 year warrantee from date of commissioning we know that your experience with our product will be trouble free.

If you have any questions please feel free to call David on his mobile 0408785605. Any brand any problem or request we are here to assist.

Craftsman Marine Advantages

  • High quality precision engineered
  • Unique design
  • Best value

Bow Thrusters

The bow thruster has become a n important device when moving at low speed. It makes manoeuvring easier, safer and faster.

The bow thruster is positioned inside a tunnel, located in the bow. The propeller, which is made of maintenance-free synthetic material, can run in two directions, thus producing a jet flow to port or starboard. This makes manoeuvring in tight spots or against a strong current or a shifty wind, much, much easier.

The required thrust force of a bow thruster is mainly determined by the shape and the dimensions of the boat’s superstructure. Craftsman Marine’s electrical bow thrusters range between 35kgf and 170kgf, 12 or 24 VDC. The electric motors used by Craftsman Marine are all thermally protected against surcharge.


By virtue of the specific design of the propellers and the optimized streamline of the tail piece, the noise production of these Craftsman Marine thrusters is reduced to the bare minimum. The propeller of each of these thruster models between 55 and 170kgf is specifically shaped in relation to its maximum revolutions, which provides the highest thrust efficiency. This is an absolutely unique feature and a great asset!

Installation of a Craftsman Marine bow thruster is totally uncomplicated and requires a minimum of labour. A control panel, either equipped with a joystick or with push buttons, is available separately. Their shape and the splendid finish make these panels a perfect match with our engine instrument panels, allowing for a highly sophisticated combination.


Stern Thrusters

If you require almost absolute control of your boat under all imaginable circumstances, then a stern thruster is, in addition to a bow thruster, the ideal supporting navigational aid.

The combination of a bow and a stern thruster offers entirely new perspectives when manoeuvring in tricky situations or in tight turns. By having the stern thruster rotating in the opposite direction of the bow thruster, you can make the boat turn on its axis. And when both propellers are operating in the same direction, you are manoeuvring the boat perpendicularly on its normal direction line, to either port or starboard.

The maintenance-free stern thruster is fitted to the transom of the boat. The electric motor and the other electrical components are positioned inside the boat, whereas the tunnel is located outside underneath the waterline. Craftsman Marine’s stern thrusters come in four sizes and capacities, with tunnel dimensions of 110, 150, 185 or 250 mm.

Control Panels

Bow and stern thrusters liberate the skipper from his heavy handiwork. The control panels of the Craftsman Marine bow and stern thrusters also contribute to optimum ease of operation. Both push button or joystick control is available.

In the case of only a bow thruster, a single panel is used. Dual panels serve the purpose of both a bow and a stern thruster.

The top sides of the panels are made watertight in accordance with the protection classification IP66. Craftsman Marine thruster control panels are milled from an aluminium sheet and anodised to ensure perfect protection against all (marine) weather conditions. They also include protection for motor direction, temperature and continuous use.


Connection cables in 7, 10, 15 and 20m lengths.

To connect the bow and/or stern thrusters to the appropriate control panel, a cable loom is required, which can be ordered to size, in lengths from 7 to 20m.

Craftsman Marine cables come with watertight multi-plugs. Cables of different lengths can be interconnected. With the aid of a splitter cable 2 control panels can be connected to only one bow or stern thruster.



GRP and steel to suit each thruster in 1 and 3m lengths.

Craftsman Marine can supply the required tunnels in various lengths and diameters, in steel, aluminium or GRP (fibreglass reinforced polyester) to suit each thruster in their product range.


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